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Book Bank
Student Resource
Find and give rare books for borrowing...

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Online Diagnosis Help
Veterinarian Resource
A wonderful third party online diagnosis tool for veterinarians...

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Cattle/Poultry farming projects

  Farmers Resource
  Find standard farming proposals for helping you with starting a new venture...

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Pet Care Information
  Pet owner's Resource
  Know how to select, feed and take the best care of your loved pet...

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Bird Flu Updates
  Comprehensive and continually updated information on Avian Influenza in the Indian subcontinent...

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Useful Links
  Other resources
  Links to other useful web-material...

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  Leave a message for us, for all to see...

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  Online Journal
  Read the latest issue of this peer-reviewed veterinary journal...

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What is the No 1 burning issue before the Veterinarians today?
   Better Renumeration For Services
   Better Social Recognition and Status
   Impending Unemployment for Fresh Graduates
   Alleviation of Animal Suffering
   Dont Know/Whats this All About?

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Indian Council of Agricultural Research ( ICAR )

Lists the activities of ICAR, their academic and research databases



Department of Animal Husbandry and Dairying (Govt. of India)

Official website of the Dept. of Animal Husbandry and Dairying, Govt of India


The Federation of Veterinarians of Europe

This site contains the latest relevant information for the veterinary profession on public health, zoonoses, BSE, European Food Safety Authority), education , medicinal products, animal health and welfare, EU enlargement.


International Veterinary Information Service

International Veterinary Information Service,  (IVIS) is a not-for-profit organization established to provide information to veterinarians, veterinary students and animal health professionals world wide using Internet technology


World Veterinary Association

An Information rich page with a global appeal.


American Association of Zoo Veterinarians

The site portrays the mission, setup and works of this organisation. It also offers a host of informative resources.


Veterinary World

Website of the India based International Journal distributed worldwide


S. K. University of Agri. Sciences & Tech. of Kashmir



World Small Animal Veterinary Association

The Association's primary purpose is to advance the quality and availability of small animal veterinary medicine and surgery.



Indian Veterinary Journal

Website of the Premier Veterinary Journal in India.


American Veterinary Medical Association

A comprehensive website about the activities of AVMA.



Department of Animal Husbandry, Kashmir

A good site depicting extensive information regarding animal husbandry activities in the Kashmir valley.


Diagnosis for Dog Illness and Disease

A comprehensive resource for identifying, preventing and treating dog health.


Finding the Perfect Pet for your family

The Care.com Family Pet Guide helps you find the right pet for you and your family. Plus hosts many more pet resources.

Veterinary Medicine portal

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