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WE all know the importance of books in education, however many standard books in veterinary sciences are unavailable in this region. Usually owing to the rarity or the high cost of such books.
We at KASHVET are trying to collect such books from various sources and offer them to the interested students on loan for varying periods of time.
We encourage students who are limited by the above reasons to come forward and make use of this facility.
There is absolutely no fee or cost for the books, we expect however for the borrower to take care of the books in their possession.
We also request people to offer any such books they may have for the use of others (especially for economically weaker students of veterinary sciences) through this book bank. Due credits will be given to them on this page. Also see our book donations section.
We hope a time will come in the future when such books are available freely and we are able to close this section happily....
Please keep visiting this page as we are continually adding books as soon as they are becoming available to us......
Our special thanks are due to the Publication Department of OIE (World Organisation for Animal Health) for their generous book donations



Office International Des Epizooties


Dr Henry Collins
University of Sydney


Dr Abrar Hassan
Department of Animal Husbandry


Dr Zahoor Haroon
Department of Animal Husbandry


Dr Wahid Nazki
Department of Animal Husbandry



  • A Color Atlas of Haematological Cytology by FGJ Hayhoe & RJ Flemans  (code 001T)

  • Anatomy of the Ox (with comparative notes on the horse, dog and fowl) published by the ICAR (Indian Council for Agricultural Research) (code 002T)

  • The Anatomy of the Domestic Animals (4th Ed) by Septimus Sisson & JD Grossman (code 003T)

  • General Small Animal Surgery by IM Gourley & PB Vasseur (code 004T)

  • Abstracts of Post Graduate Research (1953 to 1996) published by the Tamil Nadu Veterinary and Animal Sciences University, Chennai (code 001R)

  • Veterinary Surgery (7th Ed) by ER Frank (code 005T)

  • Dukes Physiology of  Domestic Animals (9th Ed) edited by MJ Swenson (code 006T)

  • Veterinary Services: Organisation, Quality Assurance, Evaluation (Aug 2003) published by OIE (code 001P)

  • Veterinary Institutions in the Developing World: current status and future needs (Apr 2004) published by OIE (code 002P)

  • Plurithematic issue of the Scientific and Technical Review, 2005 published by OIE (code 003P)

  • Emerging Zoonoses and Pathogens of Public Health concern (Aug 2004) published by OIE (code 002R)

  • World Animal Health in 2004 -Reports published by OIE (code 004P)

  • World Animal Health in 2004 -Tables published by OIE (code 005P)

  • OIE Bulletin 2005 (code 006P)

  • A New Perspective on Veterinary Education by Henry Collins (code 001L)


To borrow these books please visit the Kashvet Book Bank at our contact address or call +91 9419017753.
You can also fill a request form and we will get back to you....





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