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   Better Renumeration For Services
   Better Social Recognition and Status
   Impending Unemployment for Fresh Graduates
   Alleviation of Animal Suffering
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  A woman told the vet that something was wrong with her dog. He examined the animal and told her the dog was dead.
"I don't believe you", she said, "I'd like a second opinion"
The vet said that would be fine. He went into the other room and got a cat. He put the cat up on the table with the dog. The cat sniffed the dog and jumped down. The vet then got a black Labrador, put him on the table and the lab sniffed and jumped down.
The vet tells the lady again, "I'm sorry, but your dog is definitely dead. That will be $600 for the exam."
"$600 is ridiculous, what are the charges for?", she exclaimed.
"$600 is a bargain," the vet explained. "$50 for me and only $550 for the cat scan and lab work."
  Owner: Doctor, can you help my horse out?
Vet: Certainly, which way did he come in?

Owner: Doctor, my horse swallowed a roll of film.
Vet: Lets hope nothing develops.

  Owner: Doctor, my horse has swallowed a spoon!
Vet: Make him lie down and not stir.
  Owner: Doctor, my horse thinks its a bird.
Vet: Have it perch over there and I'll tweet it in a moment.

  Vet Assistant: How is the horse who swallowed the half dollar?
Vet: No change yet.


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