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About Cats

Cat is the name given to any Feline. This means that the cat in your home or neighborhood is a direct relative of the lion and the tiger. These animals are all carnivorous i.e. flesh eaters . These cats do not have a very clear cut history of their ancestry but people think that they probably are direct descendents of the caffre cat of Egypt. This links back to almost three thousand years ago. The cat has a proud heritage. They were trained by the Egyptians to hunt rats in the granaries. The Indian cats are mentioned in various manuscripts in Sanskrit 2000 years ago. Cats were worshiped always and there death was extensively mourned. In the west today cats have an equal if not more status as pets than even dogs.
The cat as an pet is independent lively poised and coy. The cat is always fun loving but never undignified. He may behave like a clown but never as an fool. Cats can have friends but never a boss. They are sensitive aloof and mysterious creatures. They have great homing instincts and can find their way home. Remember unlike dogs you cannot expect to have an obedient cat yet it is a great pet to have. Just as there are numerous dog breeds there are numerous cat breeds. Here too you have pure breeds and the alley or non-descript cats. The basic classification is of Longhaired cats and Short haired cats. The most famous longhaired cat is the Persian cat. While the most famous shorthaired cat is the Siamese cat. These two are the most famous of the exotic cats.  As far as general care is concerned the responsibilities are limited and minimal. Your duties include providing food and water and checking for any disease. Vaccination is once a year. Cats are nocturnal i.e. have excellent sight and hearing at night. A stroll at night is therefore advised. Occasional grooming is good for the Cats skin. In case you are planning to keep a cat as a pet remember that no cat will ever conform to the standards set by man. He has an independent will and refuses to confirm to any standards. But unlike dogs you will not have to take him for walks nor spend too much time grooming it. Yes you may not get your cat to jump at you when you come back but then once you settle in your cat is capable of bestowing on you the same amount of love






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