Supreme Court of India Wants Abattoirs Cleaned-up

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Supreme Court of India Wants Abattoirs Cleaned-up

Postby vet » Fri Sep 15, 2006 11:19 pm

15Sep2006: The Supreme Court on Friday stumbled upon a startling fact about the perennially dirty slaughter houses across the country. Government authorities are not aware of a 15-year-old law empowering them to enforce cleanliness in abattoirs.

This ignorance of law has yielded alarming results. In some abattoirs of Tamil Nadu, class IV employees act as veterinary doctors to certify slaughtered animals to be fit for human consumption.

The monthly fee for vets is as low as Rs 80, the reason why they don't show up at slaughter houses. The condition inside the slaughter house at Kolkata was termed as worse than a drain.

Employment of child labour is rampant in slaughter houses. Under the Environment Protection Act, 1986, rules were framed in 1991 making it mandatory for slaughter houses to get a certificate from a vet for each carcass before it was sent to the market, advocate Raj Panjwani pointed out before a Bench comprising Chief Justice Y K Sabharwal and Justice C K Thakker.

Amicus curiae Ranjit Kumar said under the rules, no slaughter house could be set up anywhere in the country without prior certificate from state Pollution Control Board (PCB) that the abattoir met all specified conditions regarding hygiene, cleanliness and proper enclosure for animals.

If things do not improve soon, the court will have no option but to order closure of all the slaughter houses falling foul of rules framed under the EPA, the Bench said
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