Ruppes Sixty for a Liter of Milk in Sri Lanka

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Ruppes Sixty for a Liter of Milk in Sri Lanka

Postby vet » Mon Aug 21, 2006 12:40 am

Sri Lanks spends a huge amount in foreign exchange for import of milk into the country mainly in the form of milk powder. The Sri Lanka National Veterinary Resources Development Board hopes to set up 150 fresh milk sales outlets countrywide to popularize the consumption of fresh milk among the public.

The board says it has already set up as many as 30 such outlets where hot milk, curd, goat milk and other dairy products are sold at as per their words "convenient prices". These prices are Rs 60 for a liter of milk and a 180 ml glass of hot milk is sold at Rs. 15.00.

Compare this with a-stones-throw-away India where milk is surplus and costs as low as Rs 9 per liter, even if one would equate the differnce in the two currencies (1 India Rupee=~2.24 Srilankan Rupees) a liter of fresh milk in Sri Lanka would cost around 27 India ruppes.

The per capita daily consumption of milk in Sri Lanka is abysmally low at 68ml. The World Health Organisation recommends around two glasses of milk each day, which equals 400 ml. India has a per capita availability of above 300ml per day.
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