Stray Dogs Bad Game in Commonwealth Games Village

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Stray Dogs Bad Game in Commonwealth Games Village

Postby maverick » Fri Aug 18, 2006 12:17 am

16Aug2006: Civic bodies in the union capital territory of New Delhi seem to have washed their hands off the responsibility of controlling the stray dog population in and around the Commonwealth Games Village.

While the New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) says the area is not under their jurisdiction, the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) says it is not aware of any such problem.

Following a Supreme Court ruling that animals should not be killed but sterilised, the MCD had constituted a Society for Animal Birth Control with four NGOs — Sonabhi, Frendicoes, Circle for Animal Lovers and Sanjay Gandhi Animal Care Centre. Five other NGOs were involved in the programme later.

While MCD was to provide funds for the sterilisation drive through the Animal Welfare Board of India (AWBI) and cover the shortfall in finances on its own.

However, the MCD has now sent a letter to the AWBI asking it to provide funds directly to the NGOs. “We’ve not been told about this, nor are we working on any action plan to rid the area of the menace,” says MCD Veterinary Director Dr R.B.S. Tyagi.

The NGOs are firm that they will not allow the Games to take place if the government does not intervene. “If the government continues with its plan to kill stray dogs, we will protest. We’ve been asking the government to involve us in the sterilisation programme. This will help lessen the number of stray dogs but there has been no follow up from the government’s side,” says Geeta Seshamani of Frendicoes.

NGOs claim there are close to 8,000 dogs in the area where the Games are scheduled. This is excluding stadia and the airport.

“Though the issue needs a pro-active approach, civic bodies are not taking responsibility. We are still ready to work as we are doing it for the city. We don’t want the government to lose face but then why is it not coming forward to help us out? Even after repeated attempts, we have not received any response from government officials,” says Uma Menon, Honorary Wildlife Warden and financial head of the society.
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