PFA Chennai bestowed new Ambulance

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PFA Chennai bestowed new Ambulance

Postby maverick » Sun Aug 13, 2006 12:04 am

12th August, 2006:
The Chennai chapter of the People for Animals (PfA) was given a new ambulance Saturday by Bernadette McEwen, wife of the Canadian consul and trade commissioner here, Gib McEwen.

The ambulance, costing about Rs.300,000, is the only such vehicle for small animals that the city chapter of PfA will have.

The PfA runs three animal hospitals cum shelters, providing food and veterinary care to over 1,500 animals daily.

Recognising the organisation’s dire need for an animal ambulance Bernadette McEwen, an animal lover herself, donated the ambulance.

McEwen came to India four years ago when her husband was posted in this country. ‘I did a Buddhist circuit tour in the first years. It came to my mind that something should be done for the animals,’ she said, making the gift to the PfA.

As a personal contribution, she has picked up half a dozen street dogs and keeps them in her backyard. ‘A collective effort is needed to reduce the fear of street dogs,’ McEwen says of her involvement with stray animals in India.

‘I have never been attacked by a street dog here,’ she said.
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