Zoonoses: Aberrant Trypanosomosis in human

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Zoonoses: Aberrant Trypanosomosis in human

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This article has been forwarded by Dr. Basharat Pandit, Head Division of Veterianry Parasitology, SKUAST-K, Srinagar

Aberrant Trypanosomosis in human

N.P. Dakashinkar, R.M. Powar, V.R. Shegaokar, V.S.Dani, S.W. Kolte and W. A. Khan

Nagpur Veterinary College, Nagpur- 440 006 (India).

RVJI, Vol. 3, No. 1:6-7, January, 2007

This communication deals with a case of human trypanosomes

A forty six year old man was referred to Govt., Medical College Nagpur with the history of fever from eighteen days. The occupation of the patient was to attend dystokia and placental retention during parturition in cattle.
Peripheral blood smears stained with Leishmans stain were referred to Nagpur Veterinary College for opinion. The smears were heavily studded with extra erthrocytic parasites with a typical slender trypomastigote with a central nucleus, sub-terminal kinotoplast and long flagella with undulating membrane.
Blood smear samples were screened for antibodies of trypanosomes in the department of Microbiology, Govt., Medical College Nagpur and were found positive (+++) .PCR based methods (three different assays) showed evidence of Trypanosoma evansi. There was no any co-infection by other kind of trypanosomes. (WHO expert report). It is likely that accidental transmission from animal to human patient might have occurred mechanically either by Stomoxys or Tabanus flies.
Source: (RVJI, Vol. 3, No. 1:6-7, January, 2007)
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